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Open Positions

Tech Team

Tech team members who have experience in HTML, CSS, JS, SQL, Django, etc are needed to work either the front-end or back-end of our website. Members should be confident working independently but should not hesitant to ask questions and learn from their team leads. Tech developers must abide by strict deadlines in order to have the website functional when applications are released and will need to handle the flow of applications and communication with applicants. Tech members are essential to the day-of event in ensuring that communication, registration, and judging run smoothly. Tech members mainly work in the spring semester to maximize website use, but will work as much as necessary during the summer.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers are members who are highly skilled in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Animate and will be responsible for making graphics relating to social media promotion and recruitment of participants. Members are expected to abide by deadlines when necessary to ensure proper relay of information to the public and must keep in contact with their team lead every few days. Graphic designers should be able to work efficiently and make last minute changes if necessary. Graphic designers will work during the spring and summer semesters.


Members of the logistics team will be involved in organizing all parts of the event. Members will be responsible for creating the run of the show, choosing items to give out in participant goody bags,, and coordinating schedules for the event with the venue, judges/mentors, and the organizing team. Work for logistics members is fairly light during the spring semester, during which members may help with outreach or other teams as needed, but increases greatly during the summer when concrete planning begins.


Members of the outreach team will be heavily involved in the fundraising process for the main event in September (>$60,000!!). Outreach members will be expected to constantly send emails to representatives of biotech companies or other related companies that would be willing to donate money or supplies to the hackathon, or successful entrepreneurs, tech developers, and clinicians who will be willing to mentor participants at the event. If successful in establishing communication or a working agreement, members will be expected to continue correspondence with said person and make sure that they are attended to during the event. Much of the outreach team’s work occurs in the spring semester.


Members of the promotion team will be responsible for updating social media pages, keeping a constant social media presence, and getting the word out to fellow students and other schools across the country. Members are expected to abide by specific deadlines if necessary and check in with their team leads every few days.