The Executives

Claire Chiang


Claire is one of the MedHacks 2020 directors. She has been a part of MedHacks ever since her freshman year, taking part as a volunteer, logistics team member, and logistics team lead. She is a 2020 graduate from Hopkins with a B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She currently works as a scribe at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, exercising, hand-lettering, and playing Animal Crossing.

Dennis Gong


Dennis is one of this year's directors and served on the outreach team last year. He's a rising 3rd year BME undergraduate with a passion for medical entrepreneurship. Dennis is a big fan of basketball, tennis, and hackathons, and can't wait to see you at MedHacks 2020!

Diane Lee

Community Outreach Chair

Diane is a rising junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She joined the MedHacks organizing team as a freshman, and it's been a really great time getting to know everyone on the team. She currently serves on the executive board as the Community Outreach chair and hosts Mini MedHacks, which is an opportunity for MedHacks to work with and mentor local high school students who are interested in the intersection of engineering and medicine.

Priyamvada Prathima


Priya is a rising junior studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. She conducts computational modeling research on membrane proteins at Hopkins and was a member of the tech team last year. In her free time, she loves to paint, cook and read fantasy ficton.

Rebecca Yu

Hacker Experience Chair

Rebecca Yu is a rising junior studying Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. Rebecca was a member of the outreach team last year and is serving as the Hacker Experience Team Lead this year. She does research in Computational Medicine and loves to see the new technology applied to the medical/health field by hackers every year during MedHacks!

The Promotion Team

Fabiana Corsi Mendez

Promotion Team Lead

Fabiana is a rising junior who majors in Public Health and Political Science. Outside of MedHacks, she competes with the Model United Nations team, works as a graphic designer, and enjoys playing murder mysteries over Zoom.

Ariana Booker

Ariana is a rising sophomore studying Behavioral Biology at Johns Hopkins. In addition to Medhacks, she is a part of a mentoring program at Hopkins and is the Events Chair for the Hopkins Organization for Pre-health Education.

Elizabeth Cho

Elizabeth is a rising junior (2022) majoring in biomedical engineering, computer science, and applied math. Outside of MedHacks, she likes to draw and play video games. She is also part of the organizing team for HopHacks.

Ana Fahey

Ana is a rising sophomore majoring in Computer Science from Annapolis, Maryland. On campus, she volunteers as a tutor for the Tutorial Project and started as an Organizer in the fall and works in a Cognitive Science Lab as an RA assisting with eye-tracking data analysis. Currently, she is a work from home intern helping to create a public dataset of videos of surgeons performing surgical training tasks that describe the video activity and the associated skill level by task. Aside from school and lab work, she loves to swim, read and play with her dog Luna.

Seoyoung Kwon

Seoyoung is a BME major in the class of 2023, leaning towards a focus in immunoengineering. This year, she joined a design team where they tackled improving margin assessment in Mohs surgery using MUSE slide-free microscopy. She has also gotten involved in research in a lab that develops and applies biomaterials and "tissue-on-a-chip" models used in disease modeling, drug screening, and stem cell-based therapies.

Jessica Li

Jessica is a rising sophomore from San Diego, California. She is currently studying Public Health, and spends much of her free time illustrating or writing character-focused works. Among her prior projects is a collaborative graphic novel about environmental stewardship and several murals.

Rishima Mukherjee

Jonathan Wu

Jonathan is a rising sophomore (’23) majoring in BME. Having spent less than a full academic year at Hopkins due to current circumstances, his internships and lab have been canceled. Luckily, all the major events other organizations he's involved with are planning for the upcoming year are still ongoing, and hopes to be back on campus to experience all these events!

Ady Zhang

Ady is currently studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Johns Hopkins University. Among the many student organizations at this university, she is also part of TCO labs, Jmag and Zeniada. An aspect of MedHacks she is particularly passionate about is bringing people from different backgrounds to work creatively on innovating solutions to difficult problems, especially ones at the intersection of medicine and bioengineering.

The Logistics Team

Asritha Guduru

Logistics Team Lead

Asritha is one of the leads for Logistics. She is a rising junior studying Chemistry and Computer Science. Outside of Medhacks, she volunteers with Remington Outreach, helps organize the Hopkins Model UN Conference, and works as a research assistant at a neurosurgery lab. In her free time, she loves to bake, read, and - of course - watch Netflix. She can't wait to meet you guys!

Helena Hahn

Logistics Team Lead

Helena is a co-lead of the Logistics team this year. She is a rising senior studying electrical & computer engineering and economics, and she likes to do research and build things. In her free time, she's usually watching YouTube or discovering new products.

Kristen Chao

Kristen is a rising sophomore currently exploring the many fields Hopkins has to offer. Some of her interests include healthcare quality, anything planet related, and ancient mythologies (Greek, Roman, Egyptian!). Outside of school she loves to read, try out different dessert recipes, and bike. She looks forward to helping make MedHacks 2020 happen and seeing the different projects submitted!

Sakshi Chopra

Sakshi is a rising junior majoring in neuroscience and economics, and she joined the MedHacks organizing team this past year. In addition to MedHacks, she's involved with neuroscience research at the JHMI campus, she's a PILOT leader for organic chemistry, and am also a member of a dance team, among other student organizations, at Hopkins. This summer, she's been working virtually as a research assistant for the Casadevall Lab at JHSPH, tutoring for summer courses at Hopkins, and spending time with her family/friends!

Danni Garcia

Danni is a rising junior majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. She's been a part of Medhacks since her freshman year at Hopkins, starting out as a volunteer, then becoming a member of the Outreach subteam, and now Logistics. Outside of Medhacks, she's involved in research at the Carey Business School, she's a campus tour guide, and she loves volunteering around the Baltimore community!

Alina Guo

Alina is a rising sophomore majoring in BME and minoring in CS. She enjoys outdoor adventures and in-lab cell transfections at JHMI.

Claire Lee

Claire is from South Korea and is a rising sophomore majoring in Mol Cell Bio and Public Health.

Miles Lee

Miles is a rising sophomore studying biomedical engineering and computer science. He loves dogs, going out with friends, and, of course, science/engineering. At Hopkins, he hopes to explore new fields, people, and research to expand his knowledge and career options.

Joshua Woo

Josh is a rising junior studying Public Health Studies and Economics here at Hopkins. He's originally from Greer, South Carolina and in his free time, he enjoys looking for new food places!

Rebecca Yin

Rebecca Yin is a sophomore double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. Outside of MedHacks, she is also involved in research on campus and Alpha Kappa Psi, a business fraternity. She is extremely excited to be a part of the MedHacks team.

The Outreach Team

Darsh Patel

Outreach Team Lead

Darsh is this year's outreach lead, and helped design last year's website on the tech team. He is an investor at Contrary Capital, a university focused VC firm and co-founder at EdgeSense, a startup coming out of the JHU BME department. Darsh is excited to see you at MedHacks 2020!

Kaitlyn Calabresi

John Han

John is a rising junior majoring in Electrical Engineering. He is working towards the field of robotics + imaging to build and enhance medical/surgical devices. This summer, he's doing research with Durr Labs for Computational Biophotonics, where he'll be working on a project that applies real time ray-tracing to simulate a realistic environment inside the colon.

Jamie Huang

Jamie is a rising junior from Palo Alto, California. She is a computer science and biophysics major. Outside of MedHacks, some of her favorite hobbies are playing badminton, guitar, and watching Netflix.

Trisha Karani

Pio Kim

Pio is a rising junior majoring in Materials Science & Engineering on the Biomaterials track, and outside of school he is part of the Ultimate Frisbee team in addition to being on the board of KSA. He is excited to work with the Outreach team and the rest of the MedHacks members in making this event as great as possible!

Selena Kim

Selena is a rising junior from Seoul, South Korea majoring Biomedical Engineering and minoring in music. She is part of the Medhacks outreach team and is excited for the upcoming hackathon. Outside of class, she is involved with research, Peabody, scientific communication, and design team. She likes to run and play piano in her free time!

Mathew Kunkler

Molly Ma

Molly is a rising junior majoring in Chemistry and Behavioral Biology, and her research focus is on the long-term effects of kidney donation. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, working on puzzles, and watching Grey's Anatomy. MedHacks is important to her because it serves as a platform to unite people with the goal of improving our healthcare systems while offering activities such as cookie decorating and therapy dog visits in order to build valuable connections between participants!

Sananda Pai

Ana Rosu

Ana Rosu is a rising sophomore from Champaign, Illinois majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She joined the MedHacks outreach team during Spring 2020. Besides MedHacks, she is involved with immunoengineering research on campus with the Elisseeff Lab and HydroGene, a design team developing a balloon catheter specialized for gene therapy delivery.

The Tech Team

Narayani Wagle

Tech Team Lead

Narayani is a rising junior majoring in CS and Neuroscience. Outside of Medhacks, she is involved in research and volunteers with the UN and Statistics Without Borders.

Alan Zhang

Tech Team Lead

Alan is a rising sophomore studying computer science, economics, and possibly mathematics. Prior to Hopkins, he lived in Baltimore County.

AJ Cariaga

AJ is from New Jersey and is double majoring in Computer Science and Applied Math.

Melody Lee

Melody is a Computer Science and Cognitive Science double major at JHU expecting to graduate in 2023. When she is not programming, volunteering, or doing research, she enjoys hanging out with her aKDPhi sisters, attending TASA events, drawing, and watching Netflix.

Jack Zhang

Jack is a rising sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He loves coding and software engineering -- that's the reason why he joined Medhacks. This summer, he's doing an SWE internship at ByteDance, the maker of TikTok, focusing on C++ development. Fun fact: He's an avid car enthusiast. In his free time, he loves go-karting.

Audrey Zheng

Audrey is a rising junior majoring in Computer Science and Physics student at Hopkins. When she's not coding, you can find her napping on the couches somewhere inside Bloomberg.

Justin Zhao

Justin is an incoming sophomore studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and Statistics. He originally hails from Princeton, NJ. When he's not studying, his hobbies include playing the piano and soccer.

Medical Student Liasons

Iulia Barbur

Medical Student Liason

Iulia is a second-year student at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a BSE in biomedical engineering, and minored in computer science. In the past, she's done both basic science and clinical research, and loves finding ways to use computer science to find efficient ways to store and process data. She looks forward to being on the MedHacks team!

Clarissa Ren

Medical Student Liason

Clarissa graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Biology, and is now a medical student at Hopkins. She is involved with Hopkins HIT (Health Innovation Technology), has a budding interest in entrepreneurship, and is very excited to help out with MedHacks this year!

Celine Arpornsuksant

Medical Student Liason

Celine is a second year medical student at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She also attended Hopkins for undergrad and studied biomedical engineering. During undergrad, she was also part of the MedHacks organizing team for two years, serving on the logistics team and exec board. She's very excited to continue working with MedHacks and look forward to meeting participants at the 2020 virtual event!